Robimy Śluby

OUR OFFER - custom and ready-made wedding invitations, unique wedding accessories and more ...

We make unique wedding invitations, as well as all the elements of wedding stationary. All designs are ours! Invitations are printed on high-quality paper, we use decorative envelopes made in Italy, and the whole project is a manual work made with the greatest care and thought! Our standard invitations are in the price range of PLN 7 - 11 (a few of the most labor-intensive were up to PLN 15).


Orders are accepted only by email, at:
There are two ways you can order invitations:


  • we adapt the invitation text to the Client's requirements
  • when asking for a particular template, it's best to send us a link to a given project :)


  • project cost: 250 PLN
  • for this amount, you receive a project draft with a price quote
  • when designing invitations we are guided by individual Client requirements (colors, style, theme ...)
  • if the project is not submitted for implementation - we do not refund the costs of project there is a possibility to alter prepared project (small graphic/color corrections)
  • there is a possibility to alter prepared project (small graphic/color corrections)
  • we do not share source files of prepared projects/li>
  • the minimum number of invitations when ordering a custom project is 60 pieces (total number of invitations to the wedding and the wedding party)


Adaptation of wedding stationary to the style of the invitation is free. In this case we do not charge project fees (applies to Clients who already ordered invitations). The base of the additional wedding stationery are graphic elements from the design of the invitations. Print orders are usually very individual, hence it is harder to determine the exact ordering and valuation process. We do not carry out orders for extras earlier than one month before the date of admission.


  • We send a price offer via e-mail at your request.
  • We charge fees for custom projects before starting working on them.
  • Payments for printouts: 50% of the order value when placing the order, the second 50% - before sending the parcel.
  • In the bank transfer title, please provide the name and surname of the person ordering and the type of products / services ordered.
  • When ordering fewer than 30 invitations, we do individual pricing.
  • Two language versions of invitations are made without additional charges, each subsequent version involves a design fee of PLN 70 (setting texts/preparing files for printing).


Robimy Śluby is not responsible for errors that have been noticed after acceptance of the project's final version for printing. They do not constitute the basis for complaints. We ask for very thorough verification of projects. The colors of the elements presented in the pictures and projects may differ slightly from the actual colors. The color differences between the project (viewed on the monitor) and the print result are due to technical reasons (differences between the RGB and CMYK mapping, monitor settings, etc.) and can not be a subject of a complaint.